Boutique Rincon de Navarrete


      Conserving the original ambience with period decor the hotel now offers 10 comfortable double bedrooms each with a complete bathroom, a junior suite and 2 suites with a lounge with a fireplace, a bathroom and a Jacuzzi. The hotel's annex houses the restaurant which offers truly delicious specialities such as a snail risotto, a cashew nuts dish and fish in a orange and lemon sauce, partridge served with a sauce made from chicken stuffed with truffles,and a fungi flan with a cream base, as well as a fixed menu for events catering for 100 to 350 guests, as well as parking. The is an ancient building carefully rehabilitated from the rooms and pavilions of a former stately home in Aragon. The lobby is a welcoming area showing what the rest of the hotel has to offer. The hotel also has various communal areas which include a dinning area, library, lounge with a fireplace, reception area, lounge-bar, lovely gardens and a parking area.11/09MP

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